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Tascam VL-S3 Coppia Diffusori Desktop Monitor Amplificati


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Tascam VL-S3 coppia diffusori desktop monitor amplificati

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Tascam VL-S3, coppia di diffusori monitor o desktop audio a due vie

Wide-range response in a compact body for concise monitoring on any desktop

TASCAM’s new VL-S3 bring great-sounding compact studio monitoring to the price of a set of headphones. The 2-way powered monitors include a 3” woofer, and rear ported design packs a surprising punch.

A pair of RCA inputs accept any line-level input, and a stereo 1/4” to RCA cable is included. Also available is a 1/8” stereo mini jack for playing from smartphones or MP3 players.

The efficient 14W per side stereo power amplifier drives the two monitors. The compact, ported cabinets fit almost anywhere. Ideal for home studios, dorm rooms, or video editing suites, the VL-S3 is an affordable solution for great-sounding mixes.

Compact 4.5” x 6.7” Cabinets Fit Almost Anywhere

Even with professional 2-way drivers and rich power amplifier, the footprint is a compact 4.5” x 6.7” (110mm x 170mm) - perfect on a desktop or next to your laptop PC. There's no need to make space for speaker stands. The compact monitors can fit below many monitors or in crowded machine or server rooms.

2-way system and bass reflex port provides a wide frequency response of 80 Hz to 22 kHz.

Even though they're priced like standard PC desktop speakers, the VL-S3 provide professional monitoring quality. With a frequency response of 80 HZ to 22 kHz, every sound is faithfully reproduced - from the body resonance of a bass drum to a tinkling wind chime. The wide response is reproduced by the 2-way system design - consisting of a woofer, tweeter, and the bass reflex port located on the rear of the cabinet.

Built-in Power Amplifier with 14 Watts Per Channel

Designed specifically for desktop systems, the integrated 14 W + 14 W power amplifier provides you not only powerful, full volume monitoring, but also features well-balanced sound at low volume. The VL-S3 work great in areas where excessive volume might be a problem, such as bedrooms, dorm rooms, and apartment buildings.

RCA and Stereo Mini Jack Line Inputs

The dual RCA inputs provide a common, compact interface for connecting with unbalanced sources. A 1/4" stereo phone plug to RCA conversion cable is included for sources like an audio interface or Portastudio with a 1/4" phone output jack can be interfaced.

The VL-S3 also includes a 1/8” stereo mini input jack, which automatically shuts off the RCA inputs. Using a standard stereo mini cable, a portable MP3 player, iPad or smartphone can be connected.


Functions common to both the VL-S3

    Power amplifier output: 14W + 14W (LEFT speaker contains the power amplifier)
    3-inch woofer/0.5-inch tweeter
    Bass reflex port
    Specially tuned 8kHz crossover circuit
    RCA terminals(stereo) and 3.5mm stereo mini unbalanced input(the stereo 1/8" mini jack is preferred)
    Volume control
    Power switch/Power LED
    Dedicated AC adapter included (TASCAM PS-P1524E)
    RoHS certified

Maximum effective output (distortion:10%)     14W+14W
Speaker units     
woofer     3"(76.2mm)
tweeter     0.5"(12.7mm)
Enclosure     Bass reflex type
Frequency response     80Hz - 22kHz
Crossover frequency     8kHz
Sensitivity     -4.8dBV(580mV) 14W+14W
External input jacks     RCA pin-jacks(stereo), 3.5mm(1/8") stereo mini jack
Input impedance     50k ohms
Bluetooth® version     -     4.0
Output class     -     Class 2
Supported profile     -     A2DP
A2DP codec     -     SBC, AAC, aptX®
A2DP contents management     -     SCMS-T
Power     Dedicated AC adapter(PS-P1524E)
Input voltage     AC100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output voltage     DC15V
Output current     2.4A
Power consumption     60W
Dimensions     110 (W) × 170 (H) × 138 (D) mm
4.3 (W) × 6.7 (H) × 5.4 (D) inches
(not including projections)
Active unit (left)        1.1kg / 2.4lb
Passive unit (right)     1.0kg / 2.2lb
Included  Accessories     AC adapter (TASCAM PS-P1524E), Speaker cable, RCA-6.3mm(1/4") standard TS jack adapter cable, Owner's Manual (including warranty)


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Tascam VL-S3 Coppia Diffusori Desktop Monitor Amplificati

Tascam VL-S3 Coppia Diffusori Desktop Monitor Amplificati

Tascam VL-S3 coppia diffusori desktop monitor amplificati